As you’ll know if you’re following along on Team Midway’s various Facebook presences, we’re more or less on an indefinite hiatus. Hiatus because we may return at some stage. But if we do it’ll likely be in a different form. We spend a lot of time talking about things we might do. We miss the Gilgamesh, the Celestine, and all of the different characters we came to know – thanks to everyone who played.

Logistics update for upcoming Return To Midway

Apologies to everyone for another update on “The other Game” we’ll get back to your regularly scheduled programming after this weekend.

We’ve only a few days before the event so we wanted to send you all some logistics for the event so we’ve created a handy document which can be found here

The document contains, the location of the event, directions, what you need to bring and FAQs.

If you think we missed anything let us know!


Team Midway


Another “Other Game” Update

Copied from the backer list for the other game, just to get this to as wide an audience as possible…

Here’s two important dates to remember. Firstly, can you have characters submitted to us no later than 23:59:59 on Friday 13th of May please? We want to make sure to have some time to give you some personalisation and extra character content and if we let you go last minute then we worry we won’t be able to do as much of that.

Secondly, we re-opened the doors for new bookings a couple of weeks back. We will be closing the door to extra ticket sales on Wednesday the 18th at 23:59:59. If you want to be in, get in before that.

Having been building a very complex prop and having sent the books to the publisher, and looking at the complexity of the plot document… I think this is one you want to be in. I’ve been known to be wrong but I suspect people will be talking about this for a while after it’s happened.

Post-Vaticon Downtimes Are Now Open!

Hey gang – downtimes are now open. Your downtime for after Warpcon’s game (that you would have received at Vaticon if you were there) is now also available. Downtime is scheduled to be open for around a month as is (now) usual, and will be closing on Sunday 15th of May at 25:59:59. We’ll have a few other things going on around that date so while you might get a couple of extra hours. we advise you not to bank on it ;)

The next big update in the downtime system should be to do with automatic recipes… if you’ve got the skills to make stuff, then you should get the opportunity to do that in one button push from the downtime interface. This is actually a bit more complex than you’d think.

In the meantime, we’re working on the “other game” a bit, which is why responses and opening downtimes was a bit slow. More on that later in the week.

Reminder, and new Flava!

Just a quick reminder – downtimes close on Monday Feb 29th at 23:59:59 (or as close after it as my sleeping habits allow.)

In addition, you can find another awesome “flavour” story set in the world of Gilgamesh HERE. As usual, that’s written by Siskey and fills in some blanks about the super-enigmatic Tarn.

Quick Springclean

So for a long time I’ve been annoyed by the User Interface of the downtime thing, but it’s never been too high on my list of things to do because functionality came first. I’m happy-ish with functionality right now, so I’ve done a bit of a springclean to fit the downtime thing User Interface into the same sort of “clean” look and feel as the rest of the site.

So when you next log in it’ll look just a wee bit different :)

Post-Warpcon Downtimes Are Now Open

The turnaround happened a lot quicker this time around – I think we’re getting better at this.

You should now be able to make downtime submissions. And the downtimes will remain open until… let’s give ourselves the whole month of February, so the closing date will be Monday Feb 29th at 23:59:59. Which gives the team a month to process everything as well :)

A quick note on notifications. As I’ve said lots of times, we post updates to the site and Facebook and Twitter simultaneously when we update. The “downtimes are open” post goes there, and that’s where you should watch. When our downtimes are open, they’re open for weeks at a time, so I’m inclined to believe it’s hard to miss, even if you don’t use a computer that often.

However – I appreciate that not everyone is me. So… if you would like the ability to be notified by automatic email when downtimes are open, leave a comment on this post please and if enough people want it then we’ll add it to the list of things to do.

Clarification & Reminder

Reminder first – downtimes close at 23:59:59 tomorrow the 15th.

Clarification – I mentioned previously that if you have access to the downtime system then you can submit a downtime. Our process is to give access to the downtime system after the first game you play. In normal operation this goes player attends game, player hands in envelope with email address, we set up downtime user. If you submit a character to us via email, we still won’t create the downtime system user until after the first game you play. We do this to prevent “play by post” players (the downtime system is there to empower uptime, not as a game in its own right) as well as players who show up out of nowhere with a lot of skill, but knowing nobody.

Thanks for listening! :)