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Last One – Big SpaceCombat Update!

Last planned update before Gaelcon… it’s the last rules package.

Because Ronan’s awesome, our spacecombat rules are pretty extensive. We’ve split them up into a few pages on the site… HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

I’d feel bad if I didn’t comment that you don’t need to know all the rules and all the background and be ready to answer questions on them the moment you walk into the game. My LARPs for years have been about story first, and rules second. Call this… an experiment in fixing the problems I thought existed in JumpTech and telling a new story.

If you’re humming and hah-ing about a character and worried that it might not fit, the best thing you can do is mail us. Closing date is midnight Thursday 23rd. I make no promises after that point.

It’s Gaelcon on Friday, people! Yay!

Couple of Rules Updates

Being as how two of the team are in London for at least a couple of days next week (no – that wasn’t the original plan. Remind me why I need to have a day job again?) we need to step on the gas a little.

Here’s a couple of quick rules additions – combat, damage, dying and unconsciousness HERE and some safety rules and stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else HERE.

Introducing some “flavour”…

In an attempt to whip everyone into a frenzy we’re posting much more frequently now.

A while back I asked some friends if they fancied writing some Four Systems fiction, and got a few responses. Today I’d like to present a short piece of fiction by Eoin “Siskey” Dornan, called “Friends” which you can find HERE. Personally, I love this, and reckon it captures the idea of the Teth perfectly. If you’re a Teth fan go check it out!

Incidentally, the guys over at The Adventuring Party are previewing Gaelcon and have some thoughts and predictions about “Gilgamesh Misplaced.” You should definitely give them a listen (even when they’re not mentioning Gilgamesh) HERE!

Character Submissions

So we’re starting to see character submissions now, which is awesome. If you’ve got a character you want to run past us, fire us a mail at – we should get back to you pretty fast. We’ve seen some medical staff, some engineers, some fighter pilots, some security people.

So – if you’re looking to build a character and aren’t sure what to go for, here’s some suggestions –

  • Down to earth plumbing Maintenance Worker, responsible for keeping the Tarn habitat working.
  • Steam Industries liaison – the suit that *really* runs the ship.
  • Wild-eyed colonist wanting to create a colony in his image, and his followers.
  • Rogues working as support staff on the ship but with a secret reason for running from the Four Systems and out into the rest of the universe.
  • Scientists looking for new forms of life.
  • Young, fresh-faced cadets with ironed uniforms their Mums did for them, excited to be part of the Gilgamesh’s shakedown cruise (and yes – the rest of your belongings will arrive on Tuesday.)
  • Shuttle Pilots.
  • The bartender in the onboard bar, always ready with an ear and a bevy of useful (and useless) rumours.

Looking forward to hearing your ideas as well!

Skills & Character Creation

As promised, there’s been a big oul’ rules push. Find character creation HERE, a summary list of skills/categories/effects HERE and finally the bumper full description of all 166 effects HERE. There’s a couple of minor adjustments to other rules pages as well (removed a couple of skills that we felt weren’t working for us.)

This seems a little daunting I know – the best suggestion I can make is that you don’t need to know what every effect in the game does. Skills and Categories are what we’ll do Skill Checks on. Effects should be considered “Things My Character Is Good At.”

The roadmap suggests that downtime rules will be the next to appear, and I think now we’re so close that updates will come a bit faster now. In game development news I’ll be spending this weekend spraypainting fecky little models for the in-game tactical map and starting to laminate our first cards. Exciting!

Character Creation Thoughts

It terrifies me to say that it’s sixteen days to go now. That means it’s “run around like blue arsed flies” time for Team Midway. We’ve got a lot of stuff under our belts now, but the final rules stuff is due out of the door still.

As I’ve mentioned before, we’d love for Gilgamesh to be a “create your own character” game rather than a “we’ll create your character for you” kind of a game. We’re pleased to say that we’re already talking with some of you about characters and backgrounds. We’ll be available at our own wee table over the course of the con to talk about the game and your characters and downtimes and stuff, but we’d love it if you were thinking about backgrounds now, so we can get character creation done and have a bunch of cards ready for you at Gaelcon.

We hope to have final character creation rules and the full skills and effects list (and it’s a pretty large list) up on the site by the time Nick goes to bed on Friday night, though it may end up being Saturday morning early. After that the focus will be to get downtime rules onto the site, then ship-to-ship combat rules onto the site.

If you want to ask any questions about background, or what you can and can’t be, please do! Use the forum HERE or our Facebook page HERE. If your query is private, drop us a line HERE.

Rules! Well… some rules…

This week saw a beta copy of our ship-to-ship combat rules turning up, the plot document for our Gaelcon games being produced, and the final bits of background being completed. Time to start kicking rules out the door now – it’s like three weeks to go!

In terms of what we’ve got to give to you this week, you’ll find the start of rules stuff – some basics HERE, skill checks rules HERE and a skills & categories list HERE. Astute readers will also note that we’ve still got one player race to document: the mysterious and secretive Tarn. Find their details HERE.