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Art Imitating… Other Art

We’re pretty excited about Mass Effect: Andromeda, the sequel to the Mass Effect series of games that was announced at E3 yesterday (and if you haven’t seen the trailer and run around screaming for a bit like I did you can watch it HERE.) As should be pretty¬†obvious, Gilgamesh borrows a lot from the Mass Effect series because it’s such an awesome science fiction story.

It seems they’ve rebooted their series by taking a crew of characters from the races we know and love and transplanted them into a completely different galaxy with a new plot and new alien allies and enemies and-WAITAMINNIT

Looks like the Mass Effect series are pilfering from even more of the same things Team Midway pilfer from :)

Whither Gilgamesh?

Being as how the nice people at new Belfast games con BeAcon have announced that we’ll be there on their own Facebook page, we can now do the same. So we’re confirming that there will definitely be new Gilgamesh in November. You can take a look at the rest of the stuff on the line-up HERE. Thanks guys for the vote of confidence in inviting us along to your con when we were only on our third episode.

If you came from BeAcon to here, then welcome to Gilgamesh! We’re in our “off season” at the moment, plotting what’s happening in the next con season and making some amendments to our rules and tools (as well as our not-so-sekrit-project-involving-shooting-people-in-a-field-at-night…) If you’ve got any questions then feel free to comment here, or on our forum, or just hit us up via email¬†HERE.