Monthly Archives: October 2015

Post-Gaelcon Downtimes

We have a frighteningly brief window between now and Beacon.

In short, we expect downtimes to open sometime at the end of the week, and close around a week later. We’d like to go faster, but we’d like to make some changes to downtime to make it a touch more flexible before we open it. In addition, we have a number of new users to add to the system. We’ll post here when it’s open, and give you a date when it will close.

Please please – support a new con in the country. The people running it are a superior class of people :) GO TO BEACON

Content Update

Good evening!

Content update here today – in advance of Gaelcon’s double-bill of Gilgamesh (which in my head starts our second “season.”) Firstly, I’ve dropped up a quick recap for the episodes in Season One which you can find HERE. Secondly, the redoubtable Mister Dornan has written a very telling piece of flavour that tells us something about how the Flock think of the Gilgamesh. You can find that HERE.

We’re all likely to be quiet (ad really *really* productive) for the next week or so, but we’re looking forward to seeing the crew on the bridge again at Gaelcon. Happy Gaelcontober, everyone! They don’t call it Gamer Christmas for nothing!