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Beacon, And Status Updates

We’ve been quiet for a couple of weeks while we wrote all the downtimes, and prepped the game for Beacon. And then we went up to Belfast, and we ran it. We had fun! It was a small game (roughly a third the size of our Gaelcon game) but everyone seemed to enjoy it. We’ve got a plan to throw recaps for both Gaelcon and Beacon onto the site at some stage, but if you’re curious Beacon’s game involved:

  • A gunfight in Cargo Bay 14, and another in Cargo Bay 22.
  • An execution in the brig.
  • An honest-to-goodness blueprint for the new Super Shuttle (Iona is awesome.)
  • Our very first Clen, and his plucky Xerra translator.
  • The death of Uva (whose last words were “Uva is the friend of all Children of the Seed. Noooooooo!”)

Right now, we’re focussing on a few things Chez Team Midway. These are as follows:

  • Downtime System: View Previous Downtimes (this is actually done and waiting to be deployed. Gotta keep up with the Joneses over at Academy of Eblana. Yes, this means you’ll be able to view your Gaelcon downtime when downtime opens for “after Beacon.”)
  • Downtime System: Commodity Transfers.
  • Downtime System: Bug Involving Combining Multiple Copies Of The Same Card.
  • Website: Gaelcon/Beacon Recaps.
  • Thinking/Planning: How to make the print/pack part of the process more efficient/cost-effective.
  • Booking: Where will we be after Warpcon? The sneak preview news here is that we’ve been invited to a few cons, and we’re excited to keep doing Gilgamesh.
  • Normal Operation: Obviously we need to open downtimes for after-Beacon (ideally after all the downtime items above are complete.)

I’d like to address all of those before Warpcon and we’ll probably post about each one in detail when it happens.


It’s my own fault for using the word “midnight” I guess.

For those that are confused, downtime will close at 23:59:59 on 10/11/2015. That is, today. As at the time of posting you’ve a little over thirteen hours to downtime in.

Post Gaelcon Downtime Open

Downtimes are now open – HERE

There are some changes from last downtime. You’ll see a new “Train” activity for gaining hit points. You’ll see a new “ArmourUp” activity for gaining armour points. You’ll see some visual changes where the downtime site now shows you your hit points and armour, as well as your RPG stats (which will all be blank/zero for now.)

Sorry for the short period on this one… downtimes WILL CLOSE 10/11/2015 at midnight. So you have a little over a week.

If you have any questions/queries – as always – Thanks!