Content Push!

Autumn’s in the air, and for those of us that write something for Gaelcon more years than they don’t the feeling of Autumn is synonymous with the feeling of impending deadlines. Seems like there’s so much to do, and so little time. I suspect the next month (and yep – it’s a month to go until the con, folks!) will containĀ almost as much work as has been done on Gilgamesh so far since we started this journey back in March.

But you’re not here for the navel-gazing! A content dump has just taken place. Find some background on technology in the world of Gilgamesh HERE. There’s a quick update to the recaps from the JumpTech games HERE. And lastly there’s a bunch of information about the Gilgamesh-A – where all the characters of the Gilgamesh campaign will be based – HERE.

I feel like that Fianna Fail poster. “A lot done, more to do.”