Character Creation Thoughts

It terrifies me to say that it’s sixteen days to go now. That means it’s “run around like blue arsed flies” time for Team Midway. We’ve got a lot of stuff under our belts now, but the final rules stuff is due out of the door still.

As I’ve mentioned before, we’d love for Gilgamesh to be a “create your own character” game rather than a “we’ll create your character for you” kind of a game. We’re pleased to say that we’re already talking with some of you about characters and backgrounds. We’ll be available at our own wee table over the course of the con to talk about the game and your characters and downtimes and stuff, but we’d love it if you were thinking about backgrounds now, so we can get character creation done and have a bunch of cards ready for you at Gaelcon.

We hope to have final character creation rules and the full skills and effects list (and it’s a pretty large list) up on the site by the time Nick goes to bed on Friday night, though it may end up being Saturday morning early. After that the focus will be to get downtime rules onto the site, then ship-to-ship combat rules onto the site.

If you want to ask any questions about background, or what you can and can’t be, please do! Use the forum HERE or our Facebook page HERE. If your query is private, drop us a line HERE.