Welcome To Gilgamesh

Hello! Team Midway are please to present – Gilgamesh, our Next Thing! We can finally talk about Gilgamesh in public because we have a first outing for the game – we’re pleased to announce that we’ve been accepted by Gaelcon 2014. We’ll be running two slots worth of our game at Gaelcon, on Saturday and then again on Monday.

However – Gilgamesh isn’t just another science-fiction LARP at a gaming convention. We’ve got rather a lot of ideas and thoughts that we’ll be piling into the game, and we hope to be showcasing a lot of those here over the coming months between now and October. We’ve got lots of plans for leaking information here from what we hope will be an actual rule book for our game that you can hold in your hot little mitts.

For now, here’s the teasers for both of our Gaelcon slots!

Part 1 – Saturday afternoon, Saturday 25th October 2014

“The Gilgamesh-A is the first of its kind. A colony vessel with Jump capability and a crew numbering in the hundreds, capable of bringing everything required to set up a viable colony anywhere in the galaxy. It is the product of collaboration between many worlds and many races, and has spent a decade in planning and construction. Today it is ready for its maiden voyage; little more than a shakedown cruise before the real work of colonising the galaxy begins. The crew are on board but cargo is scant. After all – nothing ever goes wrong with an experimental vessel’s first flight, right?”

Part 2 – Monday afternoon, Saturday 27th October 2014

The Gilgamesh-A – giant colony vessel from the Four Systems – has yet to return home from its maiden voyage. Today has been anything other than another day at the office for the crew, but they may be about to receive some help and some new friends… Note: While the story of this scenario carries on directly from “Gilgamesh Misplaced Part One” both games are playable as stories in their own right and you don’t have to play Part One to appreciate Part Two.