Skills & Character Creation

As promised, there’s been a big oul’ rules push. Find character creation HERE, a summary list of skills/categories/effects HERE and finally the bumper full description¬†of all 166 effects HERE. There’s a couple of minor adjustments to other rules pages as well (removed a couple of skills that we felt weren’t working for us.)

This seems a little daunting I know¬†– the best suggestion I can make is that you don’t need to know what every effect in the game does. Skills and Categories are what we’ll do Skill Checks on. Effects should be considered “Things My Character Is Good At.”

The roadmap suggests that downtime rules will be the next to appear, and I think now we’re so close that updates will come a bit faster now. In game development news I’ll be spending this weekend spraypainting fecky little models for the in-game tactical map and starting to laminate our first cards. Exciting!