Character Submissions

So we’re starting to see character submissions now, which is awesome. If you’ve got a character you want to run past us, fire us a mail at – we should get back to you pretty fast. We’ve seen some medical staff, some engineers, some fighter pilots, some security people.

So – if you’re looking to build a character and aren’t sure what to go for, here’s some suggestions –

  • Down to earth plumbing Maintenance Worker, responsible for keeping the Tarn habitat working.
  • Steam Industries liaison – the suit that *really* runs the ship.
  • Wild-eyed colonist wanting to create a colony in his image, and his followers.
  • Rogues working as support staff on the ship but with a secret reason for running from the Four Systems and out into the rest of the universe.
  • Scientists looking for new forms of life.
  • Young, fresh-faced cadets with ironed uniforms their Mums did for them, excited to be part of the Gilgamesh’s shakedown cruise (and yes – the rest of your belongings will arrive on Tuesday.)
  • Shuttle Pilots.
  • The bartender in the onboardĀ bar, always ready with an ear and a bevy of useful (and useless) rumours.

Looking forward to hearing your ideas as well!