Last One – Big SpaceCombat Update!

Last planned update before Gaelcon… it’s the last rules package.

Because Ronan’s awesome, our spacecombat rules are pretty extensive. We’ve split them up into a few pages on the site… HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

I’d feel bad if I didn’t comment that you don’t need to know all the rules and all the background and be ready to answer questions on them the moment you walk into the game. My LARPs for years have been about story first, and rules second. Call this… an experiment in fixing the problems I thought existed in JumpTech and telling a new story.

If you’re humming and hah-ing about a character and worried that it might not fit, the best thing you can do is mail us. Closing date is midnight Thursday 23rd. I make no promises after that point.

It’s Gaelcon on Friday, people! Yay!