Atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed…

Gearing up for the next Gilgamesh! So we’re booked into Warpcon. The blurb is as follows:

“Gilgamesh Empowered”

The Gilgamesh-A sits in unknown space, allied for now with the collection of refugees, outcasts and exiles known as the Flock. The mysterious enemies of the Flock are nearby, willing and able to destroy entire star systems. With that in mind – and in return for food, power and mineral resources – the Gilgamesh now acts as an envoy for the Flock to rescue the population of a remote colony in civil war, before it’s too late for them.

Our spies currently suggest that the game is scheduled for Saturday afternoon. Warpcon’s website can be found on Facebook HERE.

We’ll be making lots of changes to things over the coming couple of weeks that you’ll see on the site – we want to get crafting completely documented before we open downtime, we have a fix for the “Naval Tactics” skill in the works, and we’ve got some (short) background on the Flock to be thrown up to the site as well as some more “flavour” stuff. In addition we’ll be running new characters a little differently this time out… though we’ll continue to offer quick, randomised “Pick Up And Play” characters we’ll have “feature roles” available for new players relevant to the plot of the scenario itself. Lastly, we hope to have more space at Warpcon than we get at Gaelcon which will give us the chance to do some more creative stuff with it.

Meanwhile, if you’ve not voted for us in the Geek Ireland Awards over HERE, please do! You can vote once per day per IP address, so vote from the office in the morning, from your phone on 3G on your lunch break, and then from home before you go to bed at night! Completely aside from how great we feel that everyone’s given us the votes boost they’ve given us, it’s great exposure for LARPing in Ireland.

Not gonna say Happy Christmas yet – let’s shoot for some proper content tomorrow!