The Sleeper Wakes

To give ye all an idea of timeline, we expect to be opening the floodgates for downtimes on Friday (the 9th) and keeping them open until the following Friday (the 16th.) We’ve already received some downtimes from a few folk, and we’ve got those in cold storage ready to be processed with the rest. Doubtless we’ll do the same with anything we receive between now and then.

In the next couple of days, therefore, you’ll be seeing some rules changes and clarifications on the site. Ideally these will be posted as close to the 9th as possible in order to allow you the maximal time to make informed decisions. For the record, this is likely the way we’ll do things in between Warpcon and Leprecon as well (oops… did I just leak that we hope to be at Leprecon? Watch this space) with a one week “window” for submitting downtimes.

We’re later than originally planned by a couple of weeks on throwing open the doors for downtimes. I think it’s a holdover from Midway times… back then we tended to work on a two week cycle – run game, fall down and rest for two weeks, gear up and ready the game for two weeks, run game, rinse and repeat. It’s going to be a bit similar at the start of this year, especially if we do more than Leprecon and Warpcon (which *could* happen. Keeping watching this space. Srsly.) The major downside of that is falling into the “I’m not talking about the game” for two weeks and then “I’m talking about nothing but the game” for two weeks habit – which gives a bad experience to players, to say nothing of what it does to our wives/girlfriends/partners!

Man, I have so much stationary to buy at the weekend… :(