Downtimes Activate!

Today’s amendments – you can find some information on resource gathering and trading HERE. You can find some information about spacehips, jumpships and their classes HERE.

There’s still a couple of rules amendments and changes to go in, but we don’t think they’re going to affect downtimes as such and they’ll appear next week sometime. Just in case you don’t believe us, the changes we’re still sitting on are:

  • Recipes for crafting skills (you’ll need resources to make stuff and you don’t have resources yet – use this downtime for gathering them.)
  • A couple of uptime amendments to space combat.
  • Some “social” soft-rules designed with the intention of preventing a situation where players feel they have to remain rooted to the bridge/a fighter when there’s LARPing to be done.

And now you can submit a downtime! You have (just like last time) 30 days and we’re expecting to get a list from you of “spend X days doing Y.” Please send this to team [at] midwaylrp [dot] com. You can find the day costs of learning skills and whatnot HERE┬áin case you need reminding. We’re going to close downtime submission at 23:59:59 on Friday 16th and we’re intending to be pretty strict with this (not looking at anyone in particular…) If you have questions you can comment here or on the forum, and if there’s anything you really need to know in private drop us a line and we’ll respond ASAP. Good luck!