Moving to just down the road…

So we’re beavering away mostly on technical matters the last couple of days since Warpcon (and if you want to know what we thought of Warpcon check out the reaction thread on the forum HERE. Synopsis? We had a blast.)

We’ve got three projects in the works:

  • Create something players can use to check what’s in their deck at any one time online.
  • Create something players can use to manage and submit downtimes online.
  • Write a tool that takes online downtimes and automates most of the downtiime document creation, thus taking work off of Nick and making it possible to turn a new game around faster.
  • Consolidate this blog, the MidwayLRP webpage and all of that software onto one site (which should cure the issue we have accessing the site from Vodafone. Our other site also has better spam prevention so we get to your comments faster.)

We’ve got the last of that done first, so the new address for this blog is – if you’re reading this there then well done! If not then we’ll be changing the blog on IrishGaming.Com to a redirect sometime soon.