Tiny System Alteration

We’ve removed a rule from the downtime section – the following is no longer a rule:

In the event that no downtime is received for a particular character for a particular downtime, downtime instructions will be chosen at random for the character by the GM team.

This was perhaps a little short sighted on our part – it basically says “for every character, we’re going to write up a downtime, print out cards and update documents, keep the character current so that its player can walk in and play it… forever, regardless of whether or not the character is being played, or whether there’s any chance of it being played again.” In addition, chatting to a few players, this is not something that we think is generally desired anyway.

This also ties into the idea of limiting the amount of time spent processing downtimes without taking away the “downtime game.” Considering that ongoing LARPs are a story written in part by the GMs and in part by the players we should be focussing on that collaboration, rather than focussing on players who just turn up.