On a Personal Note…

…I just wanted to comment on my inconvenient absence from this blog, email, and Gilgamesh in general.

To summarise, real-life is poking its ugly head into my affairs. Specifically I’m being made redundant from my job. While the company I work for is quite light on specific details at the moment I have between 3 weeks and several months of employment left here. It’s fairly sudden, it’s unavoidable, and I’ve been spending some time frantically trying to get a new job and some time moping about my bad luck. This whole situation is far from conducive to writing LARPs, and so I’ve been offline for a bit. I’m sorry about that, but real-life has to come first.

However – I’m concentrating on nothing but Gilgamesh this week (and I’m doing some stuff during office hours. If they don’t like it they can fire me.) Consequently I’m reading emails again and the downtime deadline is more or less up to and including anything that I see. Anything that I’ve got already will be honored for Leprecon. If I’ve got your emailed downtime then you’ll receive a confirmation mail in the next fifteen minutes.

In addition, as has been leaked elsewhere, Cybernetics recipes are on the site HERE.