On Downtimes…

Hey all – two things, both related to downtimes.

Firstly, the deadline for downtimes before Vaticon will be midnight Sunday 22nd of March. Don’t be that guy that sends me a downtime at midnight the night before the game. While it may or may not get processed it definitely gives me ammunition to use against you later, when I need to make myself feel good by belittling someone else.

Secondly, the first version of the automated downtime system is live-in-testing. I’ll be testing it by putting every downtime I’ve got through it and fixing any errors I see as I go along. If anyone particularly wants to take a look for themselves, drop me a line.

Thirdly, and not related to downtimes at all (see? I lied.) We’re having a brief discussion on the forums (HERE) about where Gilgamesh will go after Vaticon. Opinions welcomed!