Automated Downtimes

Springtime is a time for getting things done, and here at Gilgamesh Towers we’re no exception!

If you had a downtime processed for Vaticon you should now have an email giving you access to our new online downtime tool. If you didn’t have a downtime for Vaticon and you still consider your Gilgamesh character to be “live”, please drop us an email (yep – team [at] midwaylrp [dot] com) and we’ll set you up on the downtime system right away.

We’re also now through our “pilot season”. We’ve got some rules stability now, the downtime system seems functional enough to handle the downtimes from a game, and we’ve got a bunch of other software doing good stuff for us. It’s time to talk about what we do next. Right now there’s a list of four items on my list of “gigs” that we’d like to run with Gilgamesh. In addition there’s another one gig that’s another outing for that other game that we used to run (the one that starts with an M.) More news when we have it!