It’s not that we’re quiet…

…quite so much as this is our quiet season. After the craziness of the “con crush” it’s all about the rest in the Summer months. But we’re not dead!

  • We’ve promised a game to a con toward the end of the year (more news as and when they release their own information.)
  • We’re sending a submission to a con that’s not quite as close to the end of the year.
  • We’re talking to another con over the Summer about a submission there, but this may or may not happen.
  • We’re going to put a tweak into the downtime system to show armor and hits on your character (which doesn’t contradict what I said last post… we’ll keep the downtime logic part of things the same.) It would be nice to do a “past downtimes” section as well, like the nice people at Academy of Eblana have. No idea on timelines for any of those modifications – “when they’re ready.” Ideally before mid-June, though.
  • We’ve received some downtimes through the online system already – thanks for those to the people who’ve done that! The plan at this point in time is to keep the downtime window open for as long as possible. While this means that some people are going to forget what they were doing last time before downtime closes, that’s down to the individual. Here at Team Midway we recommend getting downtimes in as early as possible, and that’s what all of us do for other ongoing Irish LARPs that we play *innocent whistling*