2015/2016 Season, and Reshuffle

In the first part, we’ve rejigged the team a little hereabouts. With neither Ronan nor Hudson having as much disposable time as Dav, Nick and Eoin, they’ll be taking a little less of an active role in Gilgamesh going forward. Both should still turn up as a GM or NPC here or there, and Team Midway wouldn’t be Team Midway without them. To fill the gap we’ve pressgangedrecruited Eoin “Siskey” Dornan to help out. Everyone make Siskey welcome; we’re very pleased to be working with him!

In previous updates we were also fairly heavily hinting that we’d be running some sort of return to our previous game – Midway – in 2015. Regrettably, due to other things happening in our real lives that’s not going to happen. We still want to do this, but 2016 looks much more doable. Sorry about that.

I know ye don’t care about our internal structure and plans, though! You’re here for the games, and we’re at a stage where we can now promise that Gilgamesh will be a double-bill at Gaelcon in October and a game at Beacon in November. Blurbs will follow in due course…

(this means that online downtime processing will probably close at (or close to) the end of this month. More on that later, but ye have been warned!)