Counting Down…

The smell of Autumn is in the air and there’s a pleasant chill in the mornings. I’ve yet to see any frost on the car in the morning, but I don’t need that to know that it’s getting close to Gaelcontober! There’s chats and emails jumping between the team here, and we know pretty much what’s going to happen for our 6th game (comprising both the RPG and LARP, for the picky among ye.)

This means we need to close downtimes – I’ve been a bit remiss about being specific about the date for that, so allow me to remedy that.┬áThe deadline is midnight (Irish time, people) Friday 18th of September. All downtimes need to come via the online system – if you have a query about either your downtime or your access to the downtime system, send it to the address, please. We tend to get back within a couple of days on queries, so if you haven’t heard back it’s likely because we don’t have your query. Resend. Via email. To – no downtimes left behind!

Those of you who have big mad crazy plans in your downtimes can expect to be receiving “WTAF?” mails fairly soon.

Lastly, Please Note – I’m imposing the same deadline for new character creations as well. if you’ve got something new you want to play then we’d like to know. Downtimes submitted after the deadline had better have a damned good excuse or we just won’t bother :)