Save Some Dates!

Just to let you know what our plans are for next year. We’re now confirmed at Warpcon (which you know), Vaticon (1st-3rd of April 2016), and Hobocon (3rd-5th of June 2016.) The good folks at both Vaticon and Hobocon invited us, and who are we to say no? Hobocon will be the last game in what we think of as our “second season.” We’re holding back on blurbs a little now, so we can better react to what our players want to do, but as soon as we have them we’ll post them here.

Downtime update – some changes have been made to the downtime system. These will allow you to see your previous downtimes (at the moment you’ll see downtimes as far back as Vaticon’s game.) We’ve also added a “Commodity Transfer” page, which will allow you to transfer commodities between players in the downtime system. Downtimes after Beacon are NOT open yet. What needs to happen first is that all the character envelopes have to be opened and the commodities each player has need to be entered into the downtime system. Which is an arduous and boring task :)