Downtime Flood Gates Open!

Cry havoc and let loose the downtimes of war!

We’ve got downtimes open now – all of the commodities and previous downtimes are in there. So downtimes are now open until… 23:59:59 (not making that mistake again!) on Friday the 15th of January. Sometimes as a LARP organiser I get asked what people can do to make my job easier, and here’s what you can do – get downtimes in early so we can get a jumpstart on finishing them before Warpcon. Thankyou :)

In terms of whether or not you’re due a downtime, this is an experiment. If you have a login to the downtime system you’re due a downtime. We’ll see how that goes and whether or not we’re inundated with work.

And the Nick said “Let There Be Downtimes.” And Lo… there were downtimes.