Post-Warpcon Downtimes Are Now Open

The turnaround happened a lot quicker this time around – I think we’re getting better at this.

You should now be able to make downtime submissions. And the downtimes will remain open until… let’s give ourselves the whole month of February, so the closing date will be Monday Feb 29th at 23:59:59. Which gives the team a month to process everything as well :)

A quick note on notifications. As I’ve said lots of times, we post updates to the site and Facebook and Twitter simultaneously when we update. The “downtimes are open” post goes there, and that’s where you should watch. When our downtimes are open, they’re open for weeks at a time, so I’m inclined to believe it’s hard to miss, even if you don’t use a computer that often.

However – I appreciate that not everyone is me. So… if you would like the ability to be notified by automatic email when downtimes are open, leave a comment on this post please and if enough people want it then we’ll add it to the list of things to do.