Post-Vaticon Downtimes Are Now Open!

Hey gang – downtimes are now open. Your downtime for after Warpcon’s game (that you would have received at Vaticon if you were there) is now also available. Downtime is scheduled to be open for around a month as is (now) usual, and will be closing on Sunday 15th of May at 25:59:59. We’ll have a few other things going on around that date so while you might get a couple of extra hours. we advise you not to bank on it ;)

The next big update in the downtime system should be to do with automatic recipes… if you’ve got the skills to make stuff, then you should get the opportunity to do that in one button push from the downtime interface. This is actually a bit more complex than you’d think.

In the meantime, we’re working on the “other game” a bit, which is why responses and opening downtimes was a bit slow. More on that later in the week.