Another “Other Game” Update

Copied from the backer list for the other game, just to get this to as wide an audience as possible…

Here’s two important dates to remember. Firstly, can you have characters submitted to us no later than 23:59:59 on Friday 13th of May please? We want to make sure to have some time to give you some personalisation and extra character content and if we let you go last minute then we worry we won’t be able to do as much of that.

Secondly, we re-opened the doors for new bookings a couple of weeks back. We will be closing the door to extra ticket sales on Wednesday the 18th at 23:59:59. If you want to be in, get in before that.

Having been building a very complex prop and having sent the books to the publisher, and looking at the complexity of the plot document… I think this is one you want to be in. I’ve been known to be wrong but I suspect people will be talking about this for a while after it’s happened.