JumpTech: The Old Series…

A note on what we’re now calling “JumpTech: The Old Series.”
Gilgamesh shares some background details with JumpTech – Nick’s epic sci-fi game that ran ten scenarios in total.
We’re pretty keen on the idea that our game world has a real history to it. It’s a history that’s been shaped by us, and by our players as well. We feel like that world is the world we created together. So the Gilgamesh world is the JumpTech world, almost a century on.
But we won’t be saying “JumpTech” again after today if we can avoid it. We want Gilgamesh to be very much its own game with its own feel. We emphatically don’t want anyone who has played JumpTech to have some kind of advantage over someone who hasn’t when they come to play our game. The events that happened in JumpTech happened a long way away and a hundred years before Gilgamesh, when things were very different.
We will keep JumpTech’s races. We love the grumpy Teth and the kooky Krayce as much as some of our players do and we don’t trust those pesky Tarn. We intend to celebrate many of your old characters by mentioning them by name, but only as “Easter Eggs” – not as main plot points. We chose the name Gilgamesh in part as an Easter Egg.
In case you’re interested in remembering past glories, or finding out what all those people with funny facepaint were doing at those games cons a couple of years back, check out the recaps here. We intend to include this ancient history as an appendix in the Gilgamesh book.