Backstory & Alien Races

Good morning all! Some information on background today focussing on alien races… the two “progenitor” races in the Gilgamesh universe are detailed HERE, and then there’s some information on the mysterious crustaceans called the Eyclasa HERE.

Meanwhile, from a systems point of view Team Midway’s resident curmudgeon Ronan has been busy in his den wallpapered with flowcharts and spreadsheets tinkering with the brand-new skills system we’ll be debuting in Gilgamesh. This system walks a tightrope – designed to be as streamlined and as user-friendly as possible, while still covering as many situations as possible, with as little GM interference as possible.

We’re happy to let you all know that Ronan is, “…consumed by [REDACTED] skill progression mechanics and the probabilities of character advancement, and liable to [REDACTED BY TEAM MIDWAY DUE TO EXCESSIVE VIOLENCE] research stem-cell regeneration in order to [REDACTED BY TEAM MIDWAY DUE TO EXCESSIVE VIOLENCE] [produce] a robust set of rules. So all in all, quite well, and everything is progressing on schedule.” We aim to post details of system along with our regular background updates.