So much to do, so little time!

It’s all about getting things done. An Irish gamer who I think is awesome once said that it’s better to be gaming than to be talking about gaming and sometimes I use this quote as an excuse to enthuse about playing one game rather than writing another. Or, put a different way, Eoin and Nick have been thinking about, and playing Academy of Eblana instead of working on Gilgamesh, these last couple of weeks. Consequently, it seems that things are happening too slowly. Time to kick things into high gear and sprint into end-August when we’d like to have the first draft of the worldbook together (we’ll say nothing about how Academy has another event mid-September…)

This week’s content upload is all about the Irif – an alien race who the Four Systems went to war with over a misunderstanding (isn’t it always?) You can find the update HERE.

In other news, as you’ll know if you’ve been reading the webpage Gilgamesh will use NERF guns for indoor combat resolution. Nick went out to Smyth’s in Carrickmines to look at NERF properly, and found NERF Zombiestrike. What NERF guns are your favourite? Which would you like to use in-character? Answers on the forum, please!