The Teth… really!?

Honestly? We didn’t think the Teth would be the first race that you’d want to see, but promises are promises… find a whole shedload of Teth information HERE. We might go ahead and throw the runners-up – The Humans – onto the site next week. Or we might find something else interesting to do. It’s really nice not to be short on detail we’d love to fire on at ye all…

Speaking of which, we’re wrestling with the “chicken or egg” of system this last week. Sure it’s nice to have crafting skills for use in downtime. But then you need to have recipes for things to craft. And then you need to have raw materials codified in game terms in order to comprise the recipes. And then you need to have some system for getting raw materials into players’ hands. And there’s all the balancing of all of that to be done.

We’d like a LARP system like Chess. It won’t take you more than an afternoon to learn, but there needs to be enough in it to keep you going if you want to invest in it.