Live From Sunny London!

Today our update comes from London where Nick’s working for the next couple of days, And it’s a short one. Rather than shoveling more content at you this week we’d like to direct your attention to The Adventuring Party podcast HERE. The guys have been podcasting for a long time now and display an amazing amount of professionalism and energy for what they do. Nick┬álistens to them pretty religiously, and not just because they review stuff that Team Midway are responsible for!

This week on the Adventuring Party – Nick tries to overcome his fear of being interviewed to talk about Gilgamesh, what it is, what it will look like, and where it’s going. And the ball gets rolling on prebookings. Give it a listen – what Nick lacks in dulcet tones, Liam, Oisin, Cian, and Graham (not forgetting Eoin and Humbug) more than make up for.