Stripy multicolored squirrels!

Yikes! Left that one a bit long – sorry, listeners!

A quick update to throw out some more background. Today it’s the turn of everyone’s favourite brightly colored space-squirrels with high pitched giggles, the Krayce! Find their background HERE.

Though the website’s been a bit quiet for the last little while it’s still busy under the hood. I’m daring to hope that our first rules update will be within the next seven days, and that should help people start thinking about what sort of characters they’d like to play. Not that it’s stopping some people. We’ve already been contacted about character concepts by a few keenersearly birds.

In  addition, after a brief plea by Nick on Facebook a while back, there’s some Gilgamesh flavour fiction being produced by a few people. We’ll begin throwing that up here in the very near future as well.