Skill Checks

A skill check takes place when a character is using a skill. Each skill check has a “difficulty” assigned to it as well as the name of a skill or category. If no difficulty is assigned to a skill check then the difficulty is assumed to be 2.

A player must have the skill or category required by the skill check to attempt it. The player shuffles his or her deck of cards and draws three of them. The levels of each card with the required category or skill are added together and compared against the difficulty of the skill check. If the player’s total is greater than the difficulty of the skill, the skill check is passed.

In some cases a “contested” skill check may be attempted where two characters are working against each other, or who are competing for a given result. In this circumstance, both players should make a skill check, and the player who gets the highest result is the winner.

Example – David who we met in character creation is trying to analyse some strange blue goop that was found on a derelict alien spacecraft. This is classed as a Science category skill check of difficulty three. David shuffles his deck and draws three cards – a level 1 science card, a rookie card and a level 1 science card. David’s total is two, so he does not pass the skill check.