Character Creation

A new character starts with 1 hit, 0 armour and no cards. They are assigned 7 character creation points.

First, you should give your character a name.

Secondly, you should decide what race your character is, from one of the valid player races – Tarn, Human, Teth, Krayce. The race you choose will suggest costuming (and makeup – you will not be able to play a non-Human race without wearing facepaint) to you so consider it carefully.

Thirdly, you may spend your character points as follows. You may choose freely, but the minimum amount of non-rookie cards that a starting character should have is four. It may be to your advantage to pick particular skills more than once to increase the odds of drawing the right amount of skill cards during a skill check:

Cost Item
1 Buy any level one skill card
1 Buy one armour point
2 Buy any level two skill card
2 Buy one hit

Each skill that you will buy consists of a category, a skill and an effect. Each time you acquire a skill you acquire one of the effects for the level you have the skill at, and it stays attached to the card.  Generally speaking, skill checks are performed against a category or a skill, and the effect is “something your character is good at.” There are a lot of effects in the Gilgamesh system, and you will be able to acquire more cards over time.

Some effects are labelled as “Ship Action”. These effects are part of the Gilgamesh Space Combat system that allows you to control the Gilgamesh and its fighters and shuttles in-game.

Once you have designed your character you will have three rookie cards added to your deck.

If you do not spend all of your character creation points at character creation, they are lost. They cannot be “carried over” or “deferred.”

Example - David is creating a character. He decides that he wants to play a Teth warrior and after consulting the world background, decides that a good name might be “Sybat of Innoth.” As a warrior, David would prefer that Sybat is a little tougher than the average. He buys an extra hit point for 2 character points. This leaves him with 5 points with which to buy cards, given that he must have at least four cards in his or her deck. He chooses as follows:

Category Military, Skill Firearms, Level 1, Effect “Basic Marksman”
Category Military, Skill Gunner: Capital Ship, Level 1, Effect “Ship Action: Target Lock”
Category Military, Skill Gunner: Capital Ship, Level 1, Effect “Ship Action: Target Lock”
Category Mischief, Skill Sneak, Level 1, Effect “Footpad”
Category Military, Skill Assay Object, Level 1, Effect “Initial Inspection”)

David has three rookie cards added to his deck, so starts with eight cards.