Skill/Category/Effect Summary

Assay Object (Medic, Military, Science, Engineering, Merchant, Mischief)

Level 1 –  Initial Inspection (all)
Level 2 – Deduce & Infer (all)
Level 3 – Professional Opinion (all)

Astrogation (MIlitary, Science)

Level 1 – Operate Jump Systems
Level 2 – Predict Co-Ordinates (Science), Atmospheric Jump (Military)
Level 3 – Ship Action: Jump Torpedo (Military), Predictive Jump (Science)

Communications (Military, Science, Mischief)

Level 1 – Send/Receive
Level 2 – Encrypt (Military, Mischief), Boost Signal (Military), Isolate Frequency (Science), Intercept Signal (Mischief)
Level 3 – Xeno-Comms Specialist (Science), Piggyback Signal (Mischief), Decrypt (Mischief), Falsify Transmission (Mischief)

Create Medicine (Medic, Science)

Level 1 – Pharmacist
Level 2 – Medical Research (Science), Create Basic Poison (Medic)
Level 3 – Research Specialist (Science), Miracle Worker, Create Advanced Poison (Medic)

Create Weapons (Military, Engineering)

Level 1 – Repair Weapon
Level 2 – Modify Personal Weapon (Military), Sabotage Ship Weapon (Military), Make Personal Weapon (Engineering), Repair Ship Weapon (Engineering)
Level 3 – Design Personal Weapon (Military), Modify Ship Weapons (Engineering), Make Ship Beam Weapon (Engineering), Make Ship Torpedo Weapon (Engineering)

Cybernetics (Medic, Engineering)

Level 1 – Functional Prosthesis
Level 2 – Advanced Cybernetics (Medic/Engineering), Cybernetic Engineer (Engineering)
Level 3 – Attack of the Drones (Engineering) , Dr. Soongh, I Presume? (Medic/Engineering)

Diagnose (Medic)

Level 1 – Diagnostician
Level 2 – Xeno Research, Detect Basic Poison
Level 3 – Detect Advanced Poison, Detect Disease, Detect Xeno Disease

Jump Drive Design (Science, Engineering)

Level 1 – Create Basic Jump Engine Plans
Level 2 – Create Expert Jump Engine Plans, Ship Action: Blink
Level 3 – Create Advanced Jump Engine Plans, Advanced Jump Tracking, Ship Action: Jump Jinking

Propulsion Design  (Science, Engineering)

Level 1 – Engine Diagnostic (Science), Repair Engine (Engineering)
Level 2 – Ship Action: Increase Range (Science), Make Engine (Engineering), Modify Engine (Engineering)
Level 3 – Design Engine (Science), Mask Engine Signature (Science), Ship Action: Red Line Operator (Engineering)

Weapon Systems Design  (Science, Engineering)

Level 1 – Small Arms Technician
Level 2 – Ship Weapons, Weapons Engineer (Engineering)
Level 3 – A-Team Technician, Weaponsmith (Engineering), Master of Ordinance

Firearms (Military)

Level 1 – Basic Marksman
Level 2 – Intermediate Marksman, Basic Full Auto Marksman
Level 3 – Advanced Marksman, Expert Full Auto Marksman

Gunner: Capital Ship (Military, Merchant)

Level 1 – Ship Action: Target Lock (Military), Ship Action: Warning Shot (Merchant)
Level 2 – Ship Action: Anti Fighter (Military), Ship Action: Defensive Fire, Ship Action: Covering Fire
Level 3 – Beam Weapon Specialist (Military), Torpedo Specialist (Military), Co-Ordinate Fire (Military), Crippling Shot (Merchant)

Gunner: Fighter (Military)

Level 1 – Gunner
Level 2 – Ship Action: Dogfighter, Ship Action: Capital Ship Specialist
Level 3 – Ship Action: Capital Ship Killer, Ship Action: Precision Shot

Heal (Medic)

Level 1 – Basic Healer
Level 2 – Intermediate Healer, Basic Combat Healer, Basic Poison Healer
Level 3 – Advanced Healer, Expert Combat Healer, Advanced Poison Healer

Pick Locks (Engineering, Mischief)

Level 1 – Lock Picker
Level 2 – Lock Smith (Engineering), Alarmist (Mischief)
Level 3 – No Lock can Hold Me! (Mischief), Someone’s Been Here, Shut it Down (Engineering)

Pilot: Capital Ship (Military, Merchant)

Level 1 – Ship Action: Full Speed Ahead
Level 2 – Ship Action: Ram (Military), Ship Action: Retreat (Merchant)
Level 3 – Ship Action: Calculated Ram (Military), Ship Action: Hasty Retreat (Merchant), Ship Action: Spin on a Dime

Pilot: Fighter (Military)

Level 1 – Ship Action: Combat Pilot
Level 2 – Ship Action: Race-Specific Ship (Race), Ship Action: Special Maneuver 1
Level 3 – Ship Action: Wing Commander, Ship Action: Special Maneuver 2, Ship Action: Trench Runner

Scanners (Science)

Level 1 – Operate Scanners
Level 2 – Deep Scan, Scan Engineer
Level 3 – A Scanner Darkly

Shipwright (Engineering)

Level 1 – Repair Ship Structure
Level 2 – Modify Ship Structure, Sabotage Ship Structure
Level 3 – Make Fighter Hull, Make Capital Ship Hull

Sneak (Mischief)

Level 1 – “Footpad”
Level 2 – “Cloaked in Shadow”
Level 3 – “Stars, Hide Your Fires.”

Stabilise (Medic, Military)

Level 1 – Basic Stabilise
Level 2 – Intermediate Stabilise (Medic), Stimulants (Military)
Level 3 – Advanced Stabilise (Medic), Dead Man Walking (Military)

Surveillance (Science, Mischief)

Level 1 – Surveillance Operator (Science), Shadowing (Mischief)
Level 2 – Photo Surveillance (Science), Wiretap Installation (Science), Counter Surveillance (Mischief), Forgery (Mischief)
Level 3 – Photo Analysis (Science), Bug Detection (Science), Metadata Analysis (Science), Predictive Tracking (Mischief), Identity Theft (Mischief)

Tactics: Naval (Military, Merchant)

Level 1 – Ship Action: Predict Movement
Level 2 – Ship Action: Predict Maneuver
Level 3 – Ship Action: Predict Firing

Torture (Medic, Mischief)

Level 1 – Cause Pain
Level 2 – Extract Information (Mischief), Keep Alive (Medic)
Level 3 – Stave Off Death (Medic), Tell Me Everything! (Mischief)

Trade (Merchant)

Level 1 – Buy & Sell
Level 2 – Profitable Relationship (Race)
Level 3 – Antiquities, Black Marketeer, Red Tape Navigator

Traps (Science, Mischief)

Level 1 – Examine Code (Science), Examine Physical (Mischief)
Level 2 – Create / Disarm Basic Code Trap (Science), Bypass Basic Code Trap (Science), Create / Disarm Basic Trap (Mischief), Bypass Basic Trap (Mischief)
Level 3 – Create / Disarm Advanced Code Trap (Science), Create / Disarm Advanced Trap (Mischief), Identify Code Trap Creator (Science)

Xenobiology (Medic, Science, Merchant)

Level 1 – Determine Biology
Level 2 – I Heard a Rumour (Merchant), Gray Anatomy (Science), Makeshift Medic (Medic)
Level 3 – Interspecies Relations (Merchant), Predictive Biology (Science), Doolittle (Medic)