Additional LARP Rules

Searching / Lifting / Carrying

If a character is unable to defend themselves due to capture, incapacitation or being dead, he/she may be searched. This is achieved by role-playing a search and saying “I search you.” Please respect that other players may not wish to be frisked, or roughly searched. If you are unable to defend yourself and you are searched, you are obliged to hand over any in-game item to the searcher.

A captured, incapacitated or dead character may also be lifted or carried. This is achieved by maintaining touch contact with the character to be lifted or carried and saying “I lift you”, then walking while maintaining touch contact to wherever the lifted character is required.

Safety Rules

While Gilgamesh is a game that includes combat rules, it is important to have respect for the play styles of different people. With this in mind, you should never strike or grapple with another player unless that player is aware of what is going to happen (presumably because you have discussed the matter OOC beforehand.) Do not assume that because you have played with another player before that they will understand what your intentions are.

Sometimes a player may need to leave the site for OOC reasons. If this is required, hold your character badge up with the OOC side clearly visible and walk quickly and quietly to an OOC area. While on your way you are out of character and may not talk or interact with anyone. Excessive use of this rule to gain an out of character advantage will be monitored.

Using Gilgamesh Rules

  • Carry your deck with you at all times. A player who does not have their deck easily available will be considered to have failed any skill check required of them.
  • Skill checks should be done as part of a role-played activity. For example, making a skill check against Science to assay on object may be done while bending over the object as if examining it.
  • Skill checks do not necessarily require GMs. Players are assumed to be mature enough to self-adjudicate where possible.
  • Rule Of Second Chance – If a player attempts and fails a particular skill check he or she may try a second time after ten minutes of real time.
  • Rule Of One Second – A player may not take more than one point of damage per source per second. A character caught in a hail of gunfire from different sources will likely die. A player caught by automatic fire from one source might not.
  • All game calls should be made at normal speaking volume.