SpaceCombat – Fighters

Fighter Craft

In the Gilgamesh universe, combat between small one- or two-man fighter craft is common. However, due to the fact that an individual fighter is ordinarily no match for a capital ship, and will be easily destroyed. A fighter squadron’s true strength lies in the fact that large numbers of small ships can be deployed at once, and even the largest capital ship’s defences can be overwhelmed through sheer weight of numbers.

To represent this, fighter wings (usually of two fighters) are treated as one ship in normal ship-to-ship combat. As the Hull rating for a fighter squadron decreases, this represents fighters being destroyed by combat fire. It is assumed that any player characters who engage in fighter combat are more skilled than regular pilots, and as such they will be the last ship in their squadron to be destroyed.

In certain situations, fighter pilots may engage in on-on-one duels with other ships (usually other fighter craft). In this case, the squadron’s regular ship information sheet is used, but it is applied to only one ship.

A single fighter attempting to fight a capital ship, such as the Gilgamesh, in a one-on-one duel will lose, unless the fighter pilot is both incredibly skilled and lucky!

  • Fighters normally have only Helm and Weapons crew stations.
  • Fighters do not have Engineering stations.
  • Fighters do not have Astrogation stations.
  • Fighters rarely have Scanner stations.
  • Fighters rarely have shields.
  • Fighters may communicate with other ships using the normal communications rules.