Alien Races – The Flock

The Flock are not a single race; rather they are a combination of a variety of different races, all refugees of some war that they do not understand, being carried out between two arch enemies which the Flock also do not understand.

The Flock refers to both the combination of races and refugees that have banded together for safety from the war, and also to their home – a fleet of mismatched JumpShips, constantly shifting in position, their transportation and trade needs constantly serviced by thousands of drones and shuttlecraft moving between them.

Home to somewhere in the region of ten million of souls and dwarfing Hoboville in size and complexity, the Flock is made up of a number of races. Spokespeople have claimed that the eighty percent of the races that make up the Flock are humanoid. Some of the more populous races include:

The Xerra
Almost indistinguishable from humans, the Xerra have a natural gift for linguistics enabling them to pick up the language of an alien race or culture in a matter of weeks from first principles. It is assuemd that this gift is partly telepathic in nature, but this has not been scientifically investigated at this point. The Xerra are the only members of the Flock who have communicated with the crew of the Gilgamesh at this stage, and it is understood that they act as the primary liaison for any group that is brought into the Flock.

An interesting quirk of the Xerra is that they all use the spoken name “Xerra” to refer to themselves. While they claim to be pronouncing the name differently in each case, the difference in pronunciation is not detectable by any Four Systems race.

The Xerra have also volunteered some history of their people to the Four Systems races – their home world was obliterated in the War, although various Xerra colonies exist on other worlds in what they call the Stheno Expanse. The Flock Xerra are uncomfortable with the idea of re-settling on one of those colony worlds since they believe that the War will eventually reach those worlds as well.

The Kho
Described as “antisocial” and with camouflage patterned skin like the Krayce only in black and white. The Kho keep to their own ships for the most part within the Flock and socialise only for reasons of government where possible.

Arra is a singular name rather than a race name – this race is described as mechanical in nature, and judging by the singular name they may have a hive mind rather than individual consciousnesses as such. However, the Arra are humanoid in design.

The Clen
The Clen are the most populous non-humanoid race in the Flock. They have been described as green, and more plant than animal. They come in a number of varieties – though all refer to themselves as Clen – and some varieties can be extremely long-lived, earning them the reputation of being sages and knowledge keepers within the Flock.

The Flock’s organisational structure is loose – there is no “Shepherd.” Rather there is a council that speaks for the Flock as a whole. Their aims as they are described to the crew of the Gilgamesh are to survive the War, escape from the Enemies, and find some place to find their own.