Gilgamesh Season 1 Recaps

S01E01 – “Gilgamesh Misplaced, part 1” (Gaelcon 2014)

The Gilgamesh has been in production for some time – a Jump-capable colony vessel, and the successor to the ill-fated Kingfisher. Although it has already launched and been tested, today is the highly public “launch day” celebration. While the colony vessel is doing its lap of honor around the shipyard it is attacked without provocation by Irif and Tarn forces – a Tarn battlecruiser and an Irif supercarrier. There is a Jump accident causing the entire ship (and a chunk of the Irif supercarrier) to be flipped a galaxy away into what later turns out to be the Lagoon Nebula. The crew find their ship in a debris field in empty space. As they recover from the shock and try to put the damage right they discover that the debris field is the remains of some vessels that were involved in combat relatively recently. Part of a black box from that battle is discovered and subjected to intense scrutiny. A transmission from some unknown alien source is discovered and a new “bridge crew” are decided on after the old one were killed in an explosion on the bridge during the attack.

S01E02 – “Gilgamesh Misplaced, part 2” (Gaelcon 2014)

The alien signal is decoded, and some exchanges take place, establishing a basis for communication. The aliens sending the signal turn out to be a race called the Xerra. Their representative (also called Xerra, confusingly) comes aboard the Gilgamesh and explains that his race can fast-learn languages. The Xerra are, in turn, the representatives of the Flock – a fleet of refugee vessels holding many races, on the run from what they call The Enemies. The Enemies are largely unknown to the Flock, but are involved in some terrible conflict which has destroyed entire worlds. After some discussion the new captain of the Gilgamesh decides to go visit the Flock and join up with them if possible. Meanwhile, rogue software called OmniDate begins to proposition the crew of the Gilgamesh, causing chaos and confusion.

S01E03 – “Gilgamesh Empowered” (Warpcon 2015.)

Time has passed and the Gilgamesh is now working closely with the Flock. The ship is sent to a planet inhabited by Xerra colonists who left the Xerra homeworld decades ago. The Flock suspect that this planet will come under Enemy attack in the near future and would like to get the Xerra who live there away and into the Flock if possible. This is complicated by the political agenda of these Xerra, many of whom resent the Gilgamesh’s presence and are threatening the Space Elevator that the Xerra use to get into orbit.  A tense negotiation occurs, interrupted when terrorists launch fighters to attack the Gilgamesh. These same terrorists blow up the space elevator, but the Gilgamesh manages to save two-thirds of the Xerra on the colony world, repatriating them back to the Flock.

Meanwhile, the crew investigate an attempt that was made on the life of the pedagogue Quin Rax who came to prominence during the Jump accident and subsequent months. Rax was confined to quarters, which were subsequently bombed. Rax is still alive (but horribly burned.)

S01E04 – “Gilgamesh Endangered” (Leprecon 2015.)

More time has passed, and the Gilgamesh is dispatched to empty space where the Flock have detected a small facility that they believe belongs to one of the Enemies – their mission? Investigation. The crew encounter some Enemy fighters and defeat them, causing a small package to be ejected from the facility. This package is taken aboard the Gilgamesh and is discovered to house an Artificial Intelligence belonging to the alien progenitor race known as the Builders – essentially a copy of the same AI that was encountered by the Jump Families, 80 years ago in the Milky Way galaxy (and also in a LARP a long long time ago, in a convention far far away.) Discussion happens with this AI, leading to the captain officially declaring that the Gilgamesh “sides with” the Builders.

Meanwhile, a drug problem has developed on board ship – too many crew members with PTSD seeking solace in pharmaceuticals – and the Gilgamesh Security forces team up with Engineering and Medical to track it down and solve the problem. OmniDate rears its ugly head again, with the most potentially threatening symptom being the suggestion that it may lock the captain out of all shipboard systems due to not being the previous captain and no “formal” transfer of duties having occurred.

Quin Rax disappears. Nobody can account for his whereabouts.

S01E05 – “Gilgamesh Inspired” (Vaticon 2015.)

The Gilgamesh is on “stopover” within the Flock in a rare moment of peace and quiet. A trio of new faces – all Xerra – arrive as part of an “officer exchange program” between the Gilgamesh and other capital ships in the Flock.

One of these newcomers is the commander of the fighter crew aboard another ship and challenges the Gilgamesh fighter crews to a competition. Meanwhile, the Gilgamesh’s Captain is raked over hot coals by the Flock’s command group (the “shepherds”) over her suggestion that there is only one foe if the Gilgamesh (and by extension the Flock) agrees to side with one of the Enemies. She defends her position.

The Gilgamesh is contacted by the crew of a small capital ship who have contracted some dangerous plague. The Gilgamesh’s medical crew comes to their assistance where the Flock would (according to the crew of the stricken ship) just have sterilised the vessel rather than risk contagion. OmniDate carries out a severe security check and interview on the captain, who answers all of the questions to its satisfaction and is allowed to act as the “official” captain of the ship – or so it is believed…