Alien Races – Eyclasa & Jurclasa

On a small and relatively obscure planet, two civilisations developed. The first were the Eyclasa – an aquatic, shelled race of crustaceans. The Eyclasa developed a complex underwater society which prided itself on its music and poetry. Their development took place entirely underwater and they were completely unaware that another race of air-breathers had developed on land. When the two races met the Eyclasa called their neighbours the Jurclasa. Not long after initial contact, the Jurclasa slaughtered the Eyclasa which they had discovered for reasons the Eyclasa did not understand, starting an enmity between the two races that would become war.

As both races improved technologically Eyclasa could explore land and Jurclasa could explore water. Both races built more and more complex weapons, but it was the realisation that the Jurclasa ate the Eyclasa they killed that drove the Eyclasa into a frenzy, inspiring them to create terrifying bombs that decimated cities and population centers. Wearing armour that augmented their natural shells the Eyclasa stalked from water onto the land, murdering the Jurclasa until none were left.

In the aftermath of the war the Eyclasa were horrified. Having spent decades in a frenzy to destroy the Jurclasa they had not only committed genocide but they had lost their racial identity. No longer were they poets or musicians in their own eyes – they were murderers, and there was no record of why the war had even begun. As a result the Eyclasa became afraid of their warlike nature. Conscious that they were capable of such terrible evil they vowed never to let something similar happen again.

Time passed, and the Eyclasa developed space travel. They found a Builder artifact containing Jump technology, and built Jump-capable starships of their own. When they discovered other races in space the crews of these vessels panicked, fearing the return of a war with some new inimicable foe. They observed from a distance, fuelling stories of unknown Jump-capable spaceships that would appear, then quickly disappear when they were detected amongst the Four Races.

Over time, the Eyclasa began to take a more forward route with contacting the Four Systems. Theorising – correctly – that they would not be able to communicate verbaklly with the humanoid Four Races they left a beacon in Four Systems space. This beacon was capable of writing information directly into the minds of those who interacted with it, and a number of people experienced the story of the ill-fated Jurclasa. Most of what the Four Systems know now about the Eyclasa was taken from these experiences. Unfortunately, the beacon’s operation is not without a cost to humanoid minds. All of those that experienced the beacon’s story complained of persistent headaches in later life, and some reported vivid dreams of living underwater, singing in chorus with hundreds of giant crustaceans…

Since the advent of freely available Jump technology, Teth diplomats from the Ikkar tribe have followed Eyclasa vessels to their home system where they are attempting to learn the Eyclasa language and coax the Eyclasa from their hermitage. The Eyclasa beacon is also currently in the hands of the Teth, who are close-lipped about what use it’s being put to. Rumour suggests that the Teth are seeking to develop some kind of weaponised telepathy.