• Tethis hit by meteor, decimating the climate and forcing the Teth race underground.
  • Generation ships leave Earth to colonise the stars – the Gandhi, the Confucius
  • The Confucius returns to the Sol system having found a Drifter (now known in the Sol System as “Tian”) and adapted the Jump technology to return home. Sol gains Jump technology
  • An Anfar JumpShip arrives in the Sol system. War breaks out between the Anfar and the Sol Humans. In the wake of this conflict the Sol humans begin their jihad against the non-Human. The Sol Unity is born.
  • Human travellers from Sol arrive in and colonise the Hamak system.
  • War between the Eyclasa race and the race they shared their planet with – the Jurclasa – ends in the genocide of the Jurclasa.
  • Spacefaring Eyclasa discover their Drifter and gain Jump technology.
  • Humans re-colonise their generation ship and begin adding to it. This eventually results in the creation of Hoboville.
  • Human miners discover the Jump Engines aboard the Drifter
+1 until +7
  • First contact occurs between the Four Systems as a result of the Families. The Families become incredibly rich as a result of inter-system trading.
  • A JumpShip is put on sale by the “Web” Family and is bought by the Teth.
  • The Teth declare war on Hamak. The battle of Hoboville takes place in Hamak; thousands are killed when the Teth bomb one of Hoboville’s docking pylons.
  • First contact between Four Systems forces and those of the Eyclasa takes place.
  • The Orchids Family’s JumpShip: the Majestic is destroyed by Tarn forces because the Orchids are infected with Jump Cancer. Research into Jump Cancer begins.
  • The Krayce homeworld suffers massive decline after natural disasters cause planetary chaos and an outbreak of a virulent disease.
  • The Cabal family occupy the world in the wake of these natural disasters.
  • Jump Cancer is discovered to be the result of a message coded into Four Systems humanoids at a genetic level by the Jump Process itself.
  • The Sol Unity attacks the Tarn system, and later the rest of the Four Systems, seemingly uninterested in parlay.
  • Contact is made with the Custodian as a result of research into Jump Cancer. Jump technology becomes widespread.
  • The Sol Unity are driven out of the Four Systems and a weaponised variant of Jump Cancer is released into the Sol system.
  • First contact is made with the Irif after Atlas Institute archaeologists discover the location of, and board the Sol generation ship Gandhi. The crew of the Gandhi are all dead.
  • Irif forces attack Four Systems vessel the KingFisher
  • The present day