About Team Midway

You might know us as the folk who ran Midway – an ongoing post-apocalyptic LARP from 2010 to 2013, but in case you wanted to know us a little better…

Eoin Dornan

Eoin (perhaps better known in Irish gaming circles as “Siskey”) kicked off the gaming habit in early youth with the likes of the Fabled Lands choose-your-own-adventure books, and remained interested through video games, board games and the occasional flirtation with Magic until Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition was released. He bought all the books, and then without anyone to actually play with he returned to his other hobby of simulated online realpolitik…he may be a bit of an escapist.

Once he had escaped school, he joined Trinity College Gamers Society (he also attended Trinity College, but the less said about that the better) and helped to run the society and their convention Leprecon where for many years he was the RPGs & LARPs coordinator. He also wrote scenarios of an RPG and LARP variety for the other conventions around Ireland. He was for many years the Storyteller for the Dublin chronicle of Vampire: The Requiem, and Maynooth for a while. After that he was Assistant National Storyteller for the Vampire game. This left him with an appetite for ongoing LARPs.

His first interaction with Team Midway as a player was as Patricius Crowe, ne’er-do-well and Midway’s first official murderer. Next was “JumpTech: Doppelganger” as Peter Shaw, rogue Sol Unity scientist, or “Siskey-In-A-Box” as this role is usually called. He played out the remaining JumpTech games as Kar Osall, crack reporter. Since the end of JumpTech his role in Team Midway changed to that of cooperative fan. In the run up to Gilgamesh, he volunteered to write some short pieces of fiction surrounding the JumpTech/Gilgamesh “universe”, bridging the gap and bringing colour to areas that might never be seen in regular gameplay. The first of these, “Friends” went up prior to “Gilgamesh Misplaced” and people said kind things so he has written some more since. Expect to see them on here every so often! Now that he is a member of Team Midway proper you can also expect an approximate 67% increase in silly names and general villainy from NPCs. You were warned!

Eoin O’Neill

Eoin has been a gamer for as long as he can remember, he grew up playing traditional board games and card games at home with his family, some of which were adapted so that they could be played by his visually impaired parents. In his early teens he was introduced to wargaming by a friend and played WH40k with a close group of friends until his mid-teens, at which point his hormones kicked in and other things became more important.

On starting college at DIT Kevin St during freshers week he met with the DIT Game Soc and fell in love with the hobby once again. Throughout his time at DIT he spent many hours playing games; often instead of attending lectures, which may explain a few things. This was when he attended his first gaming con, and played his first LARP at which point his interest was peaked in the hobby. Over the next few years he attended multiple cons, played many games, ran RPGs for his friends and eventually ran his first LARP based on Red Dwarf.

A few years later in 2009 he rewrote that original LARP and submitted it as his first con scenario to Warpcon. With the help of Pete Hudson the game was a great success and spurred him on to write another game called Entangled Technology for Warpcon XX (2010) in which Nick was a player. Later in August that year Nick approached Eoin with an Idea, that idea was called Midway and they’ve been working together ever since.

Dav Waldron

Dav Waldron has been a gamer all his life.  Having grown up playing traditional card and board games, he developed an interest in miniature wargaming in his teens.  He became involved in competitive online computer gaming in 1996 and then in 1998 he ran the Irish Quake Clan League which included 20 teams.  Over the next ten years, Dav continued to be heavily involved in the competitive computer gaming community in and set up Galway LAN which was Ireland’s longest running LAN Party.  After relocating to Dublin in 2005, he joined the team for Ireland’s World Cyber Games and ran satellite qualifier events for several games, culminating in a weekend long finals in the Digital Hub.

In 2009 Dav became the Community Manager of Boards.ie, Ireland’s largest online discussion forum.  At this stage he had been bitten by the tabletop RPG bug and regularly attended the various conventions around the country.  An invitation from Nick to play his Jumptech LARP game at Warpcon of 2010 made him realise just how much fun LARP is and when an opportunity to join the new Midway team came along, he was only too happy to get involved.

Ronan McHugh

Recruited into the ranks of Team Midway largely in an attempt to get him to stop trying to poison Nick, Ronan has been involved in gaming for longer than he cares to remember. One of his earliest memories is of nearly dislocating his fingers by using them as bookmarks while frantically cheating his way through Deathtrap Dungeon. He still lost.

Ronan has been involved in the writing and running of numerous LARPs and games over the years, and has contributed several games to Gaelcon, Leprecon and Warpcon. He also spent three years as an Assistant National Storyteller (ANST) for the Camarilla, where he was responsible for setting up and overseeing the “Changeling: the Lost” venue in Ireland, and worked with ANSTs from different countries to co-ordinate the international plots and rules of the game.

In 2009, Ronan wrote for and helped run the Changeling: the Lost events at the International Camarilla Convention (ICC) in Detroit. In 2010, he was the Lead Writer and Storyteller for the Changeling: the Lost events at ICC in Atlanta.

These days, Ronan only tries to poison Nick in his spare time. He also enjoys whiskey and designing boardgames. He will accept bribes.

Nick Huggins

Nick first LARPed in 1993 and hasn’t really learned how to stop yet. He spent the remainder of the nineties playing and organising games based on White Wolf’s “Vampire: the Masquerade” before the Camarilla came to Ireland and then moved on to telling epic science fiction stories through LARP with independent games such as the Terran Dominion series and then JumpTech. He spent a number of years playing games at UK rubber sword festival events. Though primarily a narrativist Nick has learned that rules don’t always have to be used for Evil.

Nick has written over a hundred separate role-playing games, live action role-playing games and Sms-based games for games conventions based in Ireland. Games scenarios he has made available for free online have been played all over the world and have variously been translated into French, Polish, Finnish and Italian. One has even been adapted to run as an online chat room game for twenty participants.

In his copious spare time Nick is a father and a Lego enthusiast. He enjoys superhero comics and classic (some might say cheesy) British science-fiction TV.

He has yet to be poisoned (as far as he is aware.)