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Midway takes place in a post-apocalyptic world of scarcity. The pioneers who arrive in the settlement are hardy scavengers who own very little - just what they can easily travel with. Their prized possessions are what they wear on their bodies: A good waterproof cape, a tough leather coat that has seen better days, or perhaps a webbing belt with a leather holster.

Dress down. Nobody in this world has a full set of camouflage fatigues, or even a good pair of jeans with brand-name trainers. Tend toward scuffed-up clothes and possessions, mismatched colors and patchwork style.

Make an effort to costume yourself! Costumed players create an immersive environment that everyone enjoys and it's true to say that it's easier to make someone trust you, believe you or fear you if you look the part!

We humbly recommend one piece of clothing for all players: Strong boots. The ground is uneven at our site, and it is a certainty that at some point you will be taking part in strenuous physical activity. You will be glad of the ankle support.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We mandate one other piece of clothing: Eye protection. Midway uses airsoft equipment which can do serious damage to your eyes. Your goggles are there to protect your vision and you will not be allowed into the in-character area without them. Your normal use glasses are not sufficient, neither are your ski-mask nor your welding goggles; you will need ANSI Z87.1-compliant eye wear (take a look here or here for examples.)