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You can download the rules for Midway events here, in PDF format. These rules may undergo reasonable changes over time, and you should make sure you keep up to date, although updates and errata will be posted here in the rules section.

Change Log

25-Aug : Rules document slight update - Some formatting changes to make skill costs more visible and the cost of the "Firearms: Shotgun" skill has been reduced to 1 point per rank.
30-Aug : Rules document update - Better skill descriptions, slight changes to the Surgeon rules and some formatting changes to make it clearer. Also, downtime rules are now available as a seperate document.
18-Sep : Rules document and Downtime document update - Updates to add some possibilities after discussion. Pistol now costs 2 (characters already holding the pistol skill are unaffected.) Teaching is now possible in downtime. Some typos removed. "Found" weapon lammies can now be converted to weapon reloads. A Weapons: ranged skill has been added and Weapons: Sword has been converted to Weapons: Sharp to better fit with Weapons: Blunt.
6-Dec : Rules document and Downtime document merged into one document. Updates to support enhanced blacksmithing skills, item/skill decoupling, numerous wording changes. Additional concerns regarding wounds and wounding implemented. There's a lot going on - just read it!
28-Jun-11 : Rules document 1.4 released with numerous updates related to armor, points costs, melee weapons, explosives and locks. Seriously folks, read it! 

Key Documents

Direct Downloads for the main documents you'll need

Main Rules Document (Currently V.1.4.0)

Erin's Point Backgrounder

Haven Backgrounder